Hong Kong 2019
Miami Beach 2018

Tyler Rollins Fine Art
Tyler Rollins Fine Art is a contemporary art gallery and art advisory focusing on solo exhibitions by major contemporary artists based primarily in the Southeast Asia region. We are the only gallery in the US with a primary focus on cutting edge contemporary art from throughout Southeast Asia, and indeed one of the few outside of Asia. We have exclusive representation in the United States for many leading artists from across the entire region, and we work with them over the long term, with a particular focus on developing museum projects. Called "one of the most reliably interesting spaces in Chelsea" by the New York Times (2017), the gallery presents an ongoing program of strongly themed solo exhibitions. In many cases, we have hosted the artists’ first solo exhibitions in the United States and so have played a key part in introducing their work here. Founded in 2006, we opened our gallery space in 2008 in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea Art District. With this location, we present our artists in the context of the United States’ most important contemporary art center so that viewers can see how our artists’ works relate to the global contemporary art scene while at the same time reflecting their own backgrounds, cultures, and concerns. An important component of the gallery’s work is the educational role we play in raising awareness about the Southeast Asian context, its contemporary art scenes and diversity of cultures. We feel that the best way to do this is to present powerful solo shows that reflect the personal visions of some of the foremost internationally active contemporary artists hailing from most countries in the region and working in a variety of media. By giving a platform to these artists in New York, we hope that by extension American audiences will gain a greater knowledge of, and interest in, the diversity and dynamism of the region’s art scenes.