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Luxembourg & Dayan
Luxembourg & Dayan has developed a unique program focused predominantly on exhibitions of significant but under-appreciated postwar European artists. Operating on the fringe of European Pop, Arte Povera, and Nouveau Réalisme, idiosyncratic artists like Enrico Baj, César, Domenico Gnoli, Martial Raysse, and Mario Schifano were marginalized from dominant discourse for decades. In revisiting these artists, the gallery has renewed critical interest in their oeuvres—an effort continued in recent exhibitions of Salvatore Scarpitta and Rodolfo Aricò. Committed to fostering historical understanding, publications with academic essays accompany most shows. Though the gallery does not represent artists, it has established strong, ongoing relationships with artists and estates. Two additional pillars of Luxembourg & Dayan’s program complement these solo exhibitions. Each year, the gallery introduces an exhibition with a living artist. These are essential to the gallery's vision, as they recast the legacy of its historical program through a contemporary lens. These artists typically create new bodies of work that stand in dialogue with historical precedents: a survey of Richard Prince’s recent figurative oeuvre was rooted in Pop's regurgitation of mass-media imagery, and Alex Da Corte’s immersive installation evoked the readymades and display tactics characteristic of Nouveau Réalisme. Further collaborations include projects with Mark Flood, Bjarne Melgaard, and Anna Betbeze. The presentation of museum-quality thematic exhibitions forms the second complementary pillar of the program. Transgenerational shows such as "Contingencies: Arte Povera and After," "The Ends of Collage," "Unpainted Paintings," and "Grisaille" examined the evolution of tropes in postwar art; "Figures Toward Abstraction" traced the intersection of realism and abstraction in sculpture from 1910-1940. These shows locate correspondence and disjuncture between past and present modes of expression.