Isla Flotante
Isla Flotante started as an artist runspace during 2012. It was a mix of artist ateliers and exhibition space. Once a month we gave out a party so it was also a very important place of meeting and socialisation. Through out the years it became a medular point of Buenos Aires art scene, because of it commitment to show very young promising artists. Over the next years the presence of the gallery at international art fairs contributed to the exponencial growth of the project. At the end of 2015, the possibility of moving to a warehouse in a neighbourhood called La Boca, that once was very connected to Argentinian art movements of the XX century, was a major breaking point because it established a new art circuit in the city of Buenos Aires, that transformed the local art scene, but also because Isla Flotante was consecretad as a force able to change the course of contemporary art in Buenos Aires. At the same time the commitment with the local art scene in Argentina led both directors of the gallery to boost what is now called MERIDIANO, a sort of union of galleries, with the purpose to evolve into a more professional sector, with a voice of our own in terms of cultural and political policies that can improve the conditions of contemporary art scene in Argentina. The very core of the project is still intact: the young avant garde spirit and the belief on the importance of working with young commited artists which are showing concerns on an agenda that the gallery itself as a whole organic body feels the need to underline: self criticisim of the art world's strategies of legitimation, power and circulation, problems of gender and identity. The gallery is now representing eight artists,all argentinian for now, in different career stages.


Buenos Aires