Hong Kong 2018
Miami Beach 2018

Josh Lilley
Josh Lilley opened in Fitzrovia in May 2009. More than 60 exhibitions have been presented, including multiple solo shows for Nick Goss, Analia Saban and Peter Linde Busk. In addition to gallery artist shows, the gallery focuses on discourse-oriented group exhibitions: February 2017’s “A New Kitchen Sink” presented new social realism in British figurative painting, and February 2018’s “I Had the Landscape in My Arms” — with artists from Annabeth Rosen (b. 1957) to Holly Hendry (b. 1990) — considers contemporary tendencies toward compression and encapsulation in international sculpture made by women. Recent and upcoming programming includes the UK solo debut for American video artist Brian Bress, the UK solo debut for American installation artist Alex Da Corte (which traveled to the Kölnischer Kunstverein in April 2018, accompanied by an upcoming publication including Hilton Als, Martine Syms and Charlie Fox), the UK solo debut for American photographer John Houck, the UK solo debut for British painter Tom Anholt, the UK solo debut for Derek Fordjour, the gallery’s first presentation at Art Basel Hong Kong, the gallery's first presentation at Art Basel Miami Beach (a NOVA booth for Derek Fordjour), and the gallery’s third presentation at Frieze New York.