Miami Beach 2018

Callicoon Fine Arts
Callicoon Fine Arts opened in May 2009 in the rural upstate New York town of Callicoon with weekend-only hours. Gallery owner Photios Giovanis concurrently worked at Metro Pictures. That year, the gallery participated in the NADA Art Fair Miami for the first time and was awarded the prize for Best Booth. In September 2011, the gallery moved to the Lower East Side of New York City and assumed full-time hours in a 400 square-foot space. In February 2014 the gallery moved into a space over three times that size. The program has developed to include Ulrike Müller, Kahlil Robert Irving, Luther Price, and other artists who continually work to develop new forms and ideas in art. The gallery acts in collaboration with Nightboat, a publisher of innovative literature and art-based books.


New York
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