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The Hong Kong show offers a dynamic cross-cultural exchange – an immersive experience that only Art Basel and this city can provide. Here you will find soon an overview of the next edition, information about the city of Hong Kong and a guide for planning your visit.

Guided tours

Touring the show with a knowledgeable art expert is one of the richest ways to experience Art Basel. They can introduce you to the artwork, provide context and answer your questions. Guided tours of Art Basel are available daily during show hours in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Details and booking information will be provided here before the show.
Guided tours


During the duration of our show, you can browse and purchase a wide selection of notable books about Modern and contemporary art from major artworld publishers. Information regarding onsite bookstores open during the duration of Art Basel will be provided here before the show.

Cafes & restaurants

Although there are many exciting restaurants in the vicinity, one need never leave Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for a great meal. Seven restaurants are located throughout the complex, offering everything from casual cafe dining to the formal elegance of fine Chinese cuisine.
Cafes & restaurants

Rules for visitors

To make Art Basel a pleasant experience for all, we ask that our guests follow a few basic rules:

  • For security reasons, all bags larger than 30 x 30 centimeters as well as any briefcases, backpacks and umbrellas must be deposited at the coat check.
  • Photography is for personal use only. No flashes, extendable camera devices (ie. monopods, tripods, selfie sticks, etc.) or video recording is permitted. If taking pictures in gallery stands, the photographer requires the permission of the gallerist.
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the exhibition halls, with the exception of service animals for visitors with disabilities.
  • Please note that press and promotional photography and filming is taking place on the premises. Your attendance serves as permission for the use of your image by the show and its constituents.

Visitors with disabilities

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre offers a full range of amenities to assist those with disabilities. All entrances are ramped, and spacious guest lifts accommodate wheelchairs. Information counters are equipped with a Braille directory and teleloop system. There are also tactile guide paths, specially designed bathrooms, and telephone booths. The Centre's car parks reserve spaces for drivers with disabilities.

Visiting with children

With so much to see at every turn, Art Basel is a wondrous environment for children to explore the world of visual art, to spur their imagination and creative impulses, and to introduce them to the ways in which art can enrich their lives. In addition to an art-focused kindergarten and childcare, we offer some tips on how best to introduce your children to the joys of the art world.

Introducing children to Modern and contemporary art can be the beginning of a life-long adventure. Here are some tips for making the most of your children's visit to Art Basel:

  • Children under age 16 must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Remind your children to always walk, not run.
  • Smaller children can be brought in baby strollers, which are permitted throughout the venue.
  • Remind children that security guards protect us and the art; please ask your children to respect their requests.
  • Instruct your children to never touch art as it can be damaged by the natural oils on their fingers.
  • To protect the art, please enjoy food and beverages only in the dining areas, especially with children.

Cultural institutions

Hong Kong’s museums offer a diverse range of possibilities, from Modern and contemporary art to Chinese calligraphy and tea ware. Together with prominent international and local art galleries, these institutions shape the modern cultural landscape of the city.

1a Space
Asia Art Archive
Art Museum Chinese University of Hong Kong
Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum
Goethe-Institut Hongkong
Hong Kong Arts Centre
Hong Kong Museum of Art
K11 Art Foundation
Liang Yi Museum
Macao Museum of Art
Para Site
Spring Workshop
University Museum and Art Gallery
ZHdK Connecting Spaces

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View an introduction to the show and an overview of what you can expect to see at Art Basel in Hong Kong.

The show

the show

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