Art Basel Conversations presents a stimulating series of panel discussions on topics concerning the global contemporary art scene between prominent members of the international artworld – artists, gallerists, curators, collectors, architects, critics, and many other cultural figures – each offering their unique perspectives on producing, collecting, and exhibiting art.

This year, Art Basel in Hong Kong collaborates with ArtAsiaPacific, in honour of their 25th anniversary, with a series of four panels that revisit and examine contemporary art in Asia from curatorial, institutional, technological and commercial perspectives, during the magazine’s founding decade in the 1990s.

Conversations is curated by Stephanie Bailey, Writer and Editor, Hong Kong/London.

Conversations is held daily from 11am from Thursday, March 28 to Sunday, March 31 in the Auditorium on Level 1, Room N101B, HKCEC; free public access.

Simultaneous translation is available in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. 

Art Basel in Hong Kong 2019 | Conversations program

Thursday, March 28

ArtAsiaPacific at 25 | Early Days: The Chinese Art Market in the 1990s

11am - 12:30pm

Chang Tsong Zung, Dr. Claire Roberts, Uli Sigg, Karen Smith, Antony Dapiran

A Contemporary Assessment | The Art Market Now

12:30pm - 2pm

Dr. Clare McAndrew, Adrian Zuercher, Bhavna Kakar, Leng Lin, Zhang Wei, Elaine W. Ng

21st Century Collectors | Next Generation Approaches

2pm - 3:30pm

Dee Poon, Lu Xun, Princess Alia Al-Senussi, Tarini Jindal Handa, Aaron Cezar 

Cultural Capital | The Political Economies of Art

3:30pm - 5pm

Basel Abbas, Pedro Barbosa, Corrado Gugliotta, Tayeba Begum Lipi, Kacey Wong, Rose Lejeune 

Institutional Practice is Creative Work | A Roundtable on Leadership

5pm - 6:30pm

Yana Peel, Claire Hsu, Antonia Carver, Pawit Mahasarinand, Doreen Sibanda, Hans Ulrich Obrist

Premiere Artist Talk | Ellen Pau in conversation with Isaac Leung

6:30pm - 8pm

Ellen Pau, Isaac Leung

Friday, March 29

ArtAsiaPacific at 25 | Alternatives to What? A History of Emergent Art Spaces

11am - 12:30pm

Mella Jaarsma, Judy Freya Sibayan, Jin Suk Suh, Kith Tsang, Elaine W. Ng

Spaces of Interaction | Developing Platforms and Making Communities

12:30pm - 2pm

Qudsia Rahim, Lu Peng, Sangeeta Thapa, Anne Barlow, Natalie King

A Common Place? | Artists in Art Fairs

2pm - 3:30pm

Hai Hsin Huang, Elmgreen & Dragset, Paco Barragán, Iván Navarro, Özge Ersoy

Body Work | Performance and Practice

3:30pm - 5pm

Victoria Sin, Juliana Huxtable, Melati Suryodarmo, Sonia Khurana, Wu Tsang

Encounters in Encounters | Still We Rise

5pm - 6:30pm

Latifa Echakhch, Joël Andrianomearisoa, Gerasimos Floratos, Zhao Zhao, Tony Albert, Simon Starling, Alexie Glass-Kantor

Geographies of the Imagination | Exhibition Making and Research Methods

6:30pm - 8pm

Raphael Chikukwa, Antonia Alampi, Natasha Ginwala, Christina Li, Mi You 

Saturday, March 30

ArtAsiaPacific at 25 | Micro to Macro: Curating in the 1990s

11am - 12:30pm

Mit Jai Inn, Suhanya Raffel, Judy Freya Sibayan, H.G. Masters

A Region in Plural | Curating ‘Asia’ Now

12:30pm - 2pm

Joowon Park, Hsieh Feng Rong, Pauline J. Yao, Shirley Surya, Natasha Ginwala, Qinyi Lim

Ink and Paint | Uncovering Asian Modernisms

2pm - 3:30pm

Tina Keng, Chang Tsong Zung, David Teh, Amna Naqvi, Hozu Yamamoto, Lesley Ma

On Isamu Noguchi | Danh Vō and Doryun Chong in conversation

3:30pm - 5pm

Danh Vō, Doryun Chong

Telling Stories | Narrative Forms and Strategies

5pm - 6.30pm

Basim Magdy, Zac Langdon-Pole, Phi Phi Oanh, Wong Kit Yi, Freya Chou

The Art of Conversation | On Forums, Summits, and Symposia

6:30pm - 8pm

Shumon Basar, Leeza Ahmady, Mari Spirito, Prateek Raja, Diana Campbell Betancourt

Sunday, March 31

ArtAsiaPacific at 25 | Video art: A Gateway to Film and New Media

11am - 12:30pm

Barbara London, Nalini Malani, Ellen Pau, Zhang Peili, Ysabelle Cheung

Digital Emotions | The Hybridisation of Art and Technology

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Jin Suk Suh, Isaac Leung, Tao Hui, Li Zhenhua

Conduits, circuits, and screens | Tishan Hsu and the Institutional Body

1:30pm - 3pm

Tishan Hsu, Sohrab Mohebbi

Comparative Futurisms | Afro-Asian Perspectives on the Future

3pm - 4:30pm

Cyrus Kabiru, Yang Beichen, Malak Helmy, Himali Singh Soin, Lee Garakara