Meet the gallerist spearheading the Cape Town art scene

Jonathan Garnham’s project space-turned-gallery nurtures some of the most exciting talents emerging from South Africa

‘Artists in South Africa certainly have something to say’ Jonathan Garnham, Founder of Blank Projects

Cape Town native Jonathan Garnham left South Africa during the Apartheid era. An artist by training, he came back in 2005 to start a project space, which has since then become one of the country’s most sought-after commercial galleries. Blank Projects is a staunch champion of emerging South African artists, including performer and video artist Donna KukamaCinga Samson, best-known for his intriguing fictional portraits, and Igshaan Adams, who made a name for himself with his meticulously woven abstractions. 

For its debut in Art Basel Miami Beach’s Nova sector, Blank Projects will present a new body of work by the Malawian-born, Johannesburg-based artist Billie Zangewa. Inspired by the artist’s daily life, the delicate silk collages articulate a female perspective that has never been more urgent.

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