A host of treasures: Explore this year’s Kabinett sector by undefined

A host of treasures: Explore this year’s Kabinett sector

From Norwegian photography to Egyptian sculpture, Art Basel Miami Beach’s very own wunderkammer can be found all over the show floor

Ellen Cantor (1961-2013, United States)

Presented by P.P.O.W, New York City

American artist Ellen Cantor never shied away from being explicit. Dreamy works from the mid-1990s, blending fairy-tale imagery and sexual references, are the focus of this Kabinett presentation by P.P.O.W.

Torbjørn Rødland (b. 1970, Norway, lives and works in Los Angeles)

Presented by Standard (Oslo), Oslo

The Norwegian photographer maps out the blurred territories between desire and repulsion like few others. Standard (Oslo) shows an early series of dramatic photographs, in which sex and violence are addressed, but never explicitly shown.

Romare Bearden (1911-1988, United States)

Presented by DC Moore Gallery, New York City

Mainly known for his collages reflecting on civil rights and African American culture, Romare Bearden also experimented with abstract painting, the result of which is on view at DC Moore’s booth.

Paola Pivi (b. 1971, Italy)

Presented by Massimo De Carlo, Milan, London, Hong Kong

Pivi’s whimsical approach to art always keeps viewers on their toes. The Italian artist toys with the idea of value and preciousness with her pearl-covered canvases, shown in Miami Beach by Massimo De Carlo.

Washington Barcala (1920, Uruguay–1993, Spain)

Presented by Jorge Mara - La Ruche, Buenos Aires

Presented by Buenos Aires gallery Jorge Mara - La Ruchethe late Uruguayan artist combined techniques and materials akin to Arte Povera with poetic yet somber evocations of hardship.

Zanele Muholi (b. 1972, South Africa)

Presented by Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg

The sensitivity with which Muholi documents South Africa's LGBTQI community is truly remarkable and unique. Johannesburg and Cape Town gallery Stevenson sheds light on the photographer’s oeuvre in a kaleidoscopic presentation.

Wael Shawky (b. 1971, Egypt)

Presented by Sfeir-Semler, Beirut and Hamburg

Egyptian artist Wael Shawky tackles the real and fictional histories of the Arab world in an extraordinarily multifaceted practice. Beirut and Hamburg’s Sfeir-Semler Gallery’s presentation sheds light on his project Al Araba Al Madfuna, which includes drawings, sculptures, and videos.

John Stezaker (b. 1949, England)

Presented by Petzel, New York City

Petzel shows a brand-new body of work by the revered British artist, in which he appropriates Miro’s act of cutting holes into canvases. Stezaker does so on slightly naive found paintings, effectively disrupting their pastoral iconography.

Ja’Tovia Gary (b. 1984, United States)

Presented by galerie frank elbaz, Paris

At frank elbazthe Brooklyn-based artist presents An Ecstatic Experience, an experimental six-minute film. In it, Gary delves on contemporary preoccupations such as the female gaze, the manipulation of images, and the appropriation of narratives from the past.

Gray Foy (1922–2012, United States)

Presented by Francis M. Naumann Fine Art, New York City

In Foy’s drawings, gravity and molecular structures run amok, resulting in twisted bodies, melting objects, and surreal land- and cityscapes. These hallucinatory works are being shown in Miami Beach by New York City gallery Francis M. Naumann

Alfredo Volpi (1896, Italy–1988, Brazil)

Presented by DAN Galeria, São Paolo

Historical works from the 1950s and 60s by the Brazilian artist highlight his phenomenal talent as a colorist. At DAN Galeria’s booth, viewers can witness an oeuvre that radiates joy and pleasure. 

Roger Brown (1941–1997, United States)

Presented by Kavi Gupta, Chicago

Brown’s oeuvre unites two creative reflexes one might deem contradictory: accumulation and repetition. Chicago’s Kavi Gupta has brought both his ‘curated assemblages’ and geometrical paintings to the Kabinett sector.