Meet White Space Beijing

White Space Beijing’s managing director Zhang Di discusses advocating non-traditional media in China

‘Beijing is like a friend with a very bad attitude, but he’s so funny and interesting, you just love him.’ —Zhang Di, Managing Director of White Space Beijing

White Space Beijing invites artists to engage with their vast space in the heart of the Caochangdi Art District. The gallery has been conceived as a place for experimentation. With a strong focus on non-traditional media, it collaborates with artists at all stages of their career. 

White Space Beijing will debut at Art Basel in Basel with a solo presentation by Christine Sun Kim in the Statements sector. Informed by her experience as a deaf person, the Berlin-based artist unpacks the relationship between visual, written, and spoken languages in a body of work combining performance, drawing, and installation. Sound Diet (2018) was inspired by the birth of Kim’s hearing daughter and by a desire to instill in her a love for sign language, understood by the artist as a unique way to experience a world catering almost exclusively to the hearing.