Parcours sector returns to Basel's historic center by undefined

Now in its eighth edition, Parcours is again sited in the heart of Basel’s historical city center where 21 artists engage with an abundance of historically rich scenic sites. Curated for the second year by Samuel Leuenberger, Director and Curator of SALTS in Birsfelden, Switzerland, this year’s Parcours presents a series of artworks that addresses the truths that concern the artists’ daily experiences.

Highlights include Amanda Ross-Ho’s 'Untitled Findings (ACCESS)' (2017) which places enlarged replicas of keys that open doors to a range of cultural institutions and private homes in Basel. Also gaining rare access to private spaces is Wu Tsang’s ‘The secret life of things is open’ (2014/2017), set in the library and smoking room of the exclusive Club de Bâle. The library will become a portal to secret performative events happening throughout the week, culminating in a live performance as part of Parcours Night on Saturday. Markus Selg’s open-air ‘Arcadia’ (2017), a large-scale, digitally-produced tapestry referring to social and cultural concepts of the garden, offers the viewer a gateway into a world where nature and technology, reality and simulation are equitably fused. Inside the Naturhistoriches Museum will be ‘Belief in the Power of Believe’ (2017) by GCC, whose 3D MDF reliefs reference antiquity in their compositions combining them with imagery from YouTube videos, thus creating new contemporary cultural artifacts.

Parcours takes place from Monday, June 12 to Sunday, June 18, culminating in Parcours Night on Saturday, June 17 with live performances by Itziar Okariz, Than Hussein Clark, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Shana Moulton, Moved by the Motion (Wu Tsang, boychild, Patrick Belaga, Bendik Giske and Josh Johnson), Eric Hattan, Julian Sartorius, and Hans Berg. 

See the Parcours Night program here.

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