Thriving in the tech mecca: Meet San Francisco’s Ratio 3

The Mission District gallery riding the Bay Area’s cultural shifts by staying true to its roots

San Francisco has long been associated with Big Tech, but it is also home to a vibrant art scene. The program of Ratio 3, which has been a Mission District mainstay since 2004, is a perfect illustration of the city's innovative spirit. A strong supporter of artists deeply associated with the Bay Area such as Barry McGee and James Sterling Pitt, the gallery is committed to minimal yet approachable artistic positions, and aims to ‘provide an immersive experience’, says owner Chris Perez.

In 2012, Ratio 3 relocated to a new building and invited two young galleries, Et al. and Capital, to join them – effectively creating a contemporary art hub in the Mission. Tech is never far away though, and Ratio 3 has been working on major commissions for the likes of Facebook and advising on private collections for individuals in the industry. But it is its unwavering commitment to the local scene and collaborative spirit that has made Ratio 3 a key player in the Bay Area. 

In Miami Beach, Ratio 3 will showcase its core roster, emphasizing its longstanding relationships with artists such as Ryan McGinley, Ruth Laskey, or the late Margaret Kilgallen.

Ratio 3 will be participating in Art Basel Miami Beach 2018 in the Galleries sector. 

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