Director: Cheung Leung Chun

Music: Zhang Jian

Cinemagraphy: Cheung Leung Chun, He Hai Jie, Liu Tong

Edit: Cheung Leung Chun

Producer: Shi Shi

Art Basel

Executive Editor: Coline Milliard

Senior Editor: Alicia Reuter

Video Commissioner: Jeanne-Salomé Rochat

Creative Producer: Akiel Gallinaw

Watch the film on YouTube here.

Art Basel’s ‘Meet the artists’ series presents contemporary creatives shaping today’s cultural landscape.

Oil and ink ‘bombs’ thrown from a helicopter onto a vast canvas, a 200-meter dry waterfall transformed with cascading paper and ink, dust, ice, soundwaves, wind, and humidity are a few of the mediums of Chinese artist Bingyi. Her work transcends the visual experience, inviting viewers into a realm where art and the universe converge on micro and macro levels. In this episode of ‘Meet the artists,’ Bingyi shares her fascination with the living world’s incomprehensible dimensions and the unseen forces within it. ‘Nature’s scale is either too big or too small for humans,’ she observes. ‘I am most intrigued by things that humans cannot see and cannot comprehend.’

Her diverse practice spans land and environmental art, site-specific architectural installation, musical and literary composition, ink painting, performance art, and filmmaking. At the core is an inquiry into earth’s mysteries, wisdom, and intellect. ‘I create art because art takes humans back into nature, where we belong,’ she says.

Bingyi is represented by Ink Studio (Beijing). Her work will be on view at Art Basel Hong Kong.