Director: Billie JD Porter

Cinematographer: Stephen Tringali

Assistant Camera: Editor Joe Lee

Colorist: Loren White

Music: Jason Termini

Art Basel 

Executive Editor: Coline Milliard   

Senior Editor: Alicia Reuter  

Video Commissioner: Jeanne-Salomé Rochat  

Creative Producer: Akiel Gallina  

Through their work, poet and artist Precious Okoyomon explores the intricate interplay between nature, chaos, and regeneration. Raised in the expanses of Ohio’s Midwest, Okoyomon’s formative years were steeped in the natural world. ‘My first love is very much the Earth, the soil,’ they say in this new episode of ‘Meet the artists.’ The sentiment informs their multifaceted practice, encompassing installations, poetry, and culinary arts. Characterized by what they describe as an ‘organic flow,’ in their work each medium seamlessly intersects with the others to create ‘the endless poem.’

Their invasive garden installations frequently feature kudzu, a vine introduced to the American South post-slavery, which Okoyomon employs as a potent metaphor for colonization. The kudzu’s unrestrained growth overtakes a space, embodying themes of chaos and natural reclamation. ‘What dies, dies. What grows is sprung up inside of that. And the beauty of everything is that it regenerates,’ they explain, underscoring the cyclical nature of their practice.

The film was captured in Precious’s Catskills studio, part of the now-shuttered Unclebrother – a car dealership transformed into a summer destination for art and food by Rirkrit Tiravanija and Gavin Brown.

Precious Okoyomon’s work can be seen atFondation Beyeler’s ‘Summer Show’, May 19 – August 11, 2024. They have also co-conceptualized the show. Their work is also on view as part of the Nigerian Pavilion at the 60th Biennale di Venezia.