Meet the power couple behind Kolkata’s Experimenter gallery

‘We fit like a jigsaw puzzle’, say co-founders Prateek and Priyanka Raja

Experimenter started with a love story. When Prateek Raja told childhood sweetheart Priyanka about his long-held ambition to open a cutting-edge art gallery, she did not hesitate for a second. The then-media manager quit her job, and packed her bags; the couple spent a year meeting artists and plotting their future venture. Experimenter opened in 2009. It has since then established itself as one of India’s leading galleries, boasting two spaces in the country’s cultural capital, Kolkata, and championing the likes of Prabhakar Pachpute, artist collective CAMP, and Naeem Mohaiemen.

In this new episode of ‘Meet the Gallerists’, the Rajas discuss their vision, their artists, and the drive that turned their dream into a reality.

Direction: Luke Casey
Camera: Kaustav Sarcar
Sound: Prasenjit Chandra
On-site production: Rishabh Badoni
Production: Coline Milliard and Jeanne-Salomé Rochat for Art Basel