Pens-The Six Celestial Bodies, 2014

Hong Kong 2015
Hakgojae Gallery
Oil on Linen
250.0 x 250.0 (cm)
98.4 x 98.4 (inch)
Kyung-Tack Hong Pens-The Six Celestial Bodies, 2014 Oil on Linen 250 x 250cm The artist demonstrates people’s obsessive desire with specific objects like pens, pencils, and books, as well as diverse patterns. Along with this obsession, there is a concept of space implied in his work. To him, his studio is his very own world, or a microcosm. He does not seek experiences in the outside world but rather seems to bring all things from outside into his space. As to his extended version of his work, “Pens”, he developed his previous style by adding simultaneously coexisting skies overlapping each other. This idea of ‘skies’ comes from Rudolf Arnheim, where circles create an autonomous world, not affected by the outside world. Six skies that coexist can mean simultaneously coexisting worlds.