Nostalgia is an Extended Feedback, 1991

Hong Kong 2015
Hakgojae Gallery
Mixed Media
Vintage TV Cabinet, Neon, Chassis, Tubes, Laser printed Canvas, Rug, Print, Lamp, Antique Photo album, three 4.5” KTV monitors, 1 Sony Watchman, 1 Sony Laser Disk Player, 1 Paik Laser Disk
Artwork size
165.0 x 78.7 x 34.0 (cm)
65.0 x 31.0 x 13.4 (inch)
‘Nostalgia is an Extended Feeback’ is a title of Nam June Paik’s published book. In his book, Paik stated that nostalgia is not simply the past you look back on, but is an extended feedback or something more like enlightenment. Also in the book’s introduction, he stated before year 1950, artists had discovered an abstract space. And after 1960, video artists has discovered an abstract time. Video can speed or slow down time’s arrow, change its direction, and even twist the time’s flow. This particular work, titled same as the book, implies an intimate space like a small library or an annex. Through subtle lightings, a camera robot (time recording device) installed on antique rug, frame (time capturing device), and artist’s own vido recording (time changing device), we ventilate our past and at the same time, recall past’s joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure.