Dialogue (Diptych), 2006

Hong Kong 2015
Hakgojae Gallery
Oil and Stone pigment on Canvas
Ufan Lee Dialogue (Diptych), 2006 Oil and Stone pigment on Canvas 227 x 182cm The winter sea that Boomoon photographed was so stormy it could just as well be called a sea of snow. The snow is constantly, imperceptibly, burying and sinking the landscape in a uniform whiteness. But the accumulating snow does not simply cover and hide the landscape, it strips away the cover of existing meaning that envelops the figure of nature. At times the windblown snow violently agitates the scene, but this agitation can also be seen have the same endpoint. The snow is making the landscape new. Thus, these photographs are therapy to restore the previously lost light that inhabits all things. The purpose of the snow and the surf is to bring about restoration. The snow and the waves are both white. The reason this seascape-snowscape suggests a scene of death is that a state of suspended animation is created temporarily to conduct therapy on the landscape.