Angel-Soldier Photo No.7, 2011

Hong Kong 2015
Angel-Soldier Photo No.7

Hakgojae Gallery

C-print, diasec
180.0 x 225.0 (cm)
70.9 x 88.6 (inch)
Angel-Soldier expresses the social conditions of our generation through the drastic contrast between angel and soldier, without any logical proceedings and explanation whatsoever, directly and frankly. In this work, Lee question the nature of civilization by identifying antinomic subjects, angel and soldier, and distorts the social situation of Korea, which is still in a ceasefire period. Soldiers wearing military uniforms in flower prints slowly move in an artificial flower jungle. Their camouflage, trickery, and desperate movement present the current situation of Korea, in which the interests and strategies of four powers (US, Japan, China, and Russia) and those of South and North Koreas cross in secret.