Battle City EP01, 2012

Hong Kong 2015
Liang Gallery
Chang Li-Ren Battle City EP01, 2012 “A person is about to destroy the world, who is going to save it?”   This is a story recounting a person’s capability of doing things, and people trapped in a fictitious city. The ultimate aim of the project “Battle City” was not to make an animation, but the process of making it itself. During this process, Chang Li-Ren constantly attempted to emphasize a person’s ability to do thing. He rented a small apartment in high-priced Taipei, and built a small city there. The artist himself by using everyday materials and technologies made all the models in this city, and recorded the scenes thus finishing the project. Chang Li-Ren found a living space in the expensive Taipei, and then in this space he built a city to highlight harsh living conditions of the artists. Therefore, this project cannot be considered as an artwork, it is more like a portrayal of a struggle for survival in a city.