Nirvana-From Purple to Gold (The Disappear and Rebirth of a Designer Studio), 2014 - 2015

Soka Art
Acrylic on Canvas
195.0 x 195.0 (厘米)
76.8 x 76.8 (吋)
In Mao Xuhui new work “Nirvana - From Purple to Gold (The Disappearance and Rebirth of a Designer Studio)”, Mao uses solemn purple outlines of everyday objects in his daughter Niuniu’s fashion studio; clothes hangers, mirrors, boots, hats. He then uses gold to make these everyday objects appear isolated, mottled and indistinct. The lifeless objects in this painting have previously borne witness to the most authentic existence of a life. In the end these objects become first person storytellers, rendering the audience unable to avoid the meaning of this simple, everyday existence.