Purple- Thank You Rachmninov, 2014 - 2015

Hong Kong 2016
Soka Art
Acrylic on Canvas
140.0 x 220.0 Size (cm)
55.1 x 86.6 Size (in)
His new work “Purple - Thank You Rachmaninov” was completed while listening to Rachmaninov’s (1873-1943) symphonic works. In the picture the copious use of purple commemorates his daughter’s clothes hangers and mannequins. He also lyrically writes in golden script: “a kind of longing comes from my soft heart and exudes from my warm skin /suddenly I don’t know who you are /which is like not knowing who I am”, “with the roar of this silent precision instrument /time/no longer overlaps the past/like the thrilling climax of a symphony /vain emotions fall to the ground and smash into pieces”, “You are a body put together from fragments/sunlight and shade/with melody”. These beautiful text fragments were excerpted by Mao Xuhui from his daughter Niuniu’s collected poems. In a corner of his painting he has also written Rachmaninov’s name and date of birth, as well as the dates of Niuniu’s passage through the world. Of these two departed individuals, one uses music, while the other draws from every detail of her existence, sparking in Mao Xuhui a feeling of eternal longing. The lives of the departed do not lose their sense of existence once life disappears from them. Niuniu and Rachmaninov are both people who previously existed. Mao Xuhui uses the most honest means possible to covertly commemorate these lives for all eternity in the form of art.