Metallics & Modules, 2013 - 2016

Hong Kong 2016
Various works, mixed media
This spectacular, fully immersive environment comprises textile and sculptural elements that solidify the immaterial. The opulent 12-meterlong tapestry OroLlegro is a spellbinding dance of geometries, gradations, computer-generated text code and organic figures. Woven in luxe metallic threads, the work is accompanied by related tapestries that depict imagery ranging from scanned Japanese fabric samples to the artist’s private library. These uncannily realist portrayals transform the heroes and mythology of traditional weavings into a new iconography for today’s technological age. Oscillating between the sculptural and the picturesque, the textile works are complemented by shimmering hanging light ‘modules’ -- sculptures that have been digitally designed and translated into epoxy-coated copper. White 作品中的紡織物和雕塑元素幻化成壯觀旖旎的環境,將無形化為有形, 使人沉醉。十二米長的華美掛毯《OroLlegro ,讓觀者猶如看見幾何圖案、 漸變色區、電腦文本代碼和自然圖形組成的迷人舞蹈。作品由華美的金屬線 編織而成,與同系列的掛毯作品一同描畫了從日式面料的掃描紋樣到藝術家 的私藏圖庫的圖像。這種富神秘色彩的現實主義描繪,把傳統掛毯上編織的 虛構英雄和神話轉變成現今技術時代的全新肖像。這些編織品迴蕩於雕塑和 繪畫之間,又輔以閃爍的吊燈雕塑 ── 它們都是數碼設計,並以環氧塗層 銅製成的「模組」。