Untitled, 2016

Basel 2016
Anton Kern Gallery, David Kordansky Gallery
acrylic, collage, and glitter on canvas
340.0 x 790.0 (cm)
133.9 x 311.0 (inch)
Chris Martin’s bold paintings are animated by undulating forms, radiating landscapes, and electric hues. Immediately spectacular and immense in scale (canvases are connected together to produce larger works), the paintings are grounded by the artist’s connection to nature, rock & roll, street art, and material experimentation. Nothing and everything is sacred: Martin’s abstract forms offer a sense of mystical clairvoyance condensed into the profane, and vice versa. His paintings present a mesmerizing collision of formal geometries and diagram-like grids with cut-outs of pop stars and flashy cars, old records buried under layers of paint, and copious amounts of holographic glitter. Consequently, his paintings prove to be masterfully ambidextrous, whether viewed from a distance or up-close, indoors or outdoors, in a state of spiritual transcendence or casual play.