Eu, você e a lua (Me, you and the moon), 2014

Basel 2016
Luhring Augustine, Galleria Franco Noero
iron, steel, petrified wood, bronze, plaster, ceramics, glass, and quartz crystal
700.0 x 320.0 x 500.0 (cm)
275.6 x 126.0 x 196.9 (inch)
The Brazilian artist Tunga places emphasis on the narrative potential of objects. This has led him to forge new territories beyond the physical domain of his sculptures, installations, and performances. It is within this metaphysical space that he lays the groundwork for his evolving mythology, complete with an array of symbolic imagery and a distinct structural logic. His interests in alchemy, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and poetics culminate in a rich body of work that fervently explores the relationships between language, image, and object. Eu, você e a lua belongs to Tunga’s most recent body of work and relies on the repeated use of symbolic forms – welded, cast, and made of clay – paired with evocative geological and organic materials. The natural and the manmade, the ancient and the new, the functional and the allegorical come together in a compelling scene exemplary of Tunga’s sensual and lyrical artistic language.