Late 1960, 1960

Miami Beach 2016
A Gentil Carioca
Tempera on canvas
Artwork size
33.0 x 47.0 (cm)
13.0 x 18.5 (inch)
To understand the art of today, one looks to the recent past and its ramifications. The exhibition here creates a bridge between two generations of Brazilian artists. This dialogue takes place through the historic works of Alfredo Volpi and more recent works of João Modé. Volpi created a series of ‘facades’ and ‘flags’ in the 1950s and 1960s that engendered a new form of ‘concrete landscape’ by using geometric shapes and chromatic changes. His work influenced several landscape artists from the new generation, including João Modé, who works with a plural notion of languages and areas of expertise. His videos, photographs, installations, architectural interventions and actions with public participation testify to an artist who continues to defy categorization.