Portrait of Place- Belgium No.1, 2015

Hong Kong 2017
Soka Art
Oil on Canvas
130.3 x 89.4 (cm)
51.3 x 35.2 (inch)
Mitsuhiro Ikeda (b.1978, Japan) works focus on the relation between the location, mentality and human philosophy. Soka will show Mitsuhiro new series of which originated from his 8 months in-depth travel to the Eastern Europe at 2014 where he met refugee. Mitsuhiro develops the thought that he wants to have those scattered construction material woods (which he saw massively in his Europe journey) to be collected back to the linen bag and have them against the street wall peacefully. The scattered woods imply the countless scattered family during the inhuman conflicts. This is echoed back to where Mitsuhiro comes from, Japan is well-known for their collect and filing culture. Mitsuhiro used the concept of “collect and filing” to recollect the chaotic world and wishes to convert the chaos to the comfort.