Crayon Angel, 1975

Hong Kong 2017
Keiichi Tanaami expresses post-war Japan using his early animations, created in the 1970’s. These ‘pop’ style animations are presented in correspondence to his latest works. The animations Commercial War (1971), Good Bye Marilyn (1971), Oh Yoko! (1973) and Crayon Angel (1975) consist of collages, drawings and illustrations involving the contemporary celebrity idols and actresses of the time. The subjects follow the contexts of pop art in the 1960’s in the U.S. and reflect the tumultuous period symbolized by events such as the Vietnam War, China’s Cultural Revolution and the 1973 oil crisis. Keiichi Tanaami (b. 1936, Japan) graduated from Musashino Art University. An artist of another breed, he has been a pioneering figure in Japan’s pop movement, working in video, animation, graphic design and commercial illustration. “Most of my expressions are based on my actual experiences. The countless amount of stimulative experiences, happenings and encounters…they become the keywords of my expressions.” 田名網敬一(Keiichi Tanaami)以其於二十世紀七十 年代的早期動畫創作來象徵戰後的日本。這批作品富波 普藝術風格,與其最新近作一同展出。《Commercial War》( 1971 )、《Good Bye Marilyn》( 1971 )、《Oh Yoko!》( 1973)及《Crayon Angel》( 1975)等動畫 由拼貼、繪圖和插圖組成,刻劃當時的偶像名人和女演 員。作品主題受到美國六十年代波普藝術興起的大環境 所影響,亦反映當時越南戰爭、中國文化大革命及 1973 年石油危機等重大事件相繼爆發的動盪時代。 田名網敬一,1936 年於日本東京出生,畢業於日本武藏 野美術大學,是日本波普藝術運動的先鋒代表,活躍於 錄像、動畫、平面設計及商業插畫等創作。田名網敬一 指出: 我很多藝術上的表現反映了我的親身經歷——那 數之不盡而又充滿激勵的經驗、事件及偶遇……已成為 我藝術表達的關鍵。」