Bloomsbury revisited (fireplace, Little Havana), 2017

Miami Beach 2017
Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Work on Paper
Acrylic on paper
99.0 x 78.8 (cm)
39.0 x 31.0 (inch)
In his "Bloomsbury revisited“ series, Hernan Bas embarks on an expedition to the bohemian world of the Bloomsbury Group, the members of which include writers, painters and philosophers such as Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forster, during the first half of the 20th century. Inspired by the liberal lifestyle of this illustrious group of artists, Hernan Bas explores the environment of their artistic processes. The result is a series of portraits, colorful interiors and still lifes that seem to symbolically bring back to life that vanished atmosphere. This still life depicts, as the title indicates, the decorated interior of a fireplace. It has been rearranged with sea fans, the sculpture of the head of a young male figure, a lavish flower arrangement in a shell and a fire place poker that due to the existence of other sea motifs in the composition could also pass for a harpoon.