La Sombra (The Shade), 2016

Miami Beach 2017
Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Color print on paper Concrete structure built with water used for marking the spots where bodies of murder victims had laid in Los Angeles, US
Ed. of 6
50.0 x 75.0 (cm)
19.7 x 29.5 (inch)
Photograph of the concrete structure built in Los Angeles' Echo Park for the Los Angeles Public Art Biennial, 2016. Teresa Margolles used the water from that cleaning process to erect a memorial to these victims of violence, and to a place of respite at Echo Park Lake, where visitors can rest, meditate, and reflect under La Sombra (The Shade). The shadow that the structure gives is the essential part of the work. The magnitude of the structure reflects not only the magnitude of the tragedy, but also it reflects the fragility of memory, as the structure was temporary. It was dismantled at the end of the exhibition. Produced for LA Public Art Biennial, at Echo Park, 2016.