Dylegued (Entierro) [Dylegued (Burial)], 2013

Miami Beach 2017
Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Other Materials
Mola on fabric permeated with blood from the body of a woman assassinated in Panama City, Panama. Created with the participation of the Rosano family, of Kuna descent, in memory of Jadeth Rosano Lopez, a seventeen-year-old teenager who was assassinated. P
100.0 x 230.0 (cm)
39.4 x 90.6 (inch)
In 2013, on occasion of the I Panama Biennial, a mourning homage by two women to their late nephew Obed Rosano Jahen Lopez (02.12.1992 - 17.11.2012) using the “mola” technique was done on a fabric previously placed by the artist on the site were a youngster was killed. “Dylegued (Entierro)” (2013), which means burial in Kuna language, shows the traditional funeral rituals followed by the indigenous people from Panama. When a Kuna man dies, the body is laid in a hammock in an underground burial chamber; afterwards, this is closed, and a shed is built over the grave.  Under the hammock a number of personal belongings of the deceased are placed and, sometimes, small objects are put into the grave for the dead people. One of the villagers may want to give something to a dead relation or a departed friend, and he or she takes the opportunity to send it by way of the most recently departed.  This is still practiced today.