Domestic Violence: Matriz Nula, 2017

Miami Beach 2017
Domestic Violence: Matriz Nula

Instituto de visión

Mixed media
There is a silent fascination with destruction, and a peculiar beauty portrayed by the shattered object. In Domestic Violence: Matriz Nula, fragmented and broken ceramic dishes are lashed together to create an overloaded sequence of ornaments. The objects look dangerous: sharp, pointed, and capable of harm. Yet they hang inert – as implicit proof, rather, of violent action. As an immersive record, these sterile choreographies of debris allude to the abuse of women and the comfortably concealed tragedy of domestic violence. As an installation, the collection of banal, castoff objects is displayed almost as if it were an archaeological discovery, like the bones of some fossilized creature, broken and incomplete. This ambiguous inventory comprises the pieces of a puzzle or a forensic investigation, a fragile allegory commenting on the damage afflicted on society at large.