March 14, Hong Kong Coliseum, 2009

Hong Kong 2018
Liang Gallery
Narrated by Chinese Malaysian singer Fish Leong, the project March 14, Hong Kong Coliseum follows her tour through different cities in Asia, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, and Chengdu. Shooting the tour involved a lot of time spent traveling. The traveling and shooting did not create a self-evident world of images or events. Instead, it resulted in the discovery of extraordinary locations. By focusing on a time or location unknown to the public, the artist is introducing it to them. And although the time and the spaces are real, the video slightly distorts reality, and the moments themselves become myths or legends. 《3月14日,紅墈體育館》的作品計畫是隨著馬來西亞華人歌手梁靜茹的巡迴演唱會做拍攝,隨著該次巡迴演唱會前往上海、香港、台北、新加坡、馬來西亞、北京、廣州、昆明、成都等幾個亞洲不同的城市做拍攝,並邀請梁靜茹配口白。拍攝巡迴演唱會的過程,同時也是旅行,透過旅行結合拍攝,不再是創造一個想像世界並讓它具有自明性,或是創造一個事件,而是去發掘特殊的地點,透過聚焦在大眾未知的時刻,我所做的只是把它介紹給大家,雖然時間空間是真實的,但影像輕微的扭曲了現實,使這特殊時刻成為傳說。