L'Enfant, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Liang Gallery
One day I was invited to create a new piece of work to be presented at the New Cathedral in Linz. It came to my mind that Hitler was born in Linz. I also remembered the story how he failed to enter art university. If we had been willing to give more chances to children, maybe Hitler would have succeeded in the university entrance exam? Perhaps the structure of the world and the sad story would have developed differently? As a child, after watching Roberto Benigni’s movie La vita è bella (1997), I burst into tears. I was deeply touched by the story and thought to myself maybe there is something I can do to respond to the narrative: a kid in a concentration camp and a father playing a game through which he gradually lets his kid know of his disappearance. When we grow up we become braver, the fictitious monsters of this world also become bigger, and we get caught up in fear of life. How to purify a pure soul to see how this world works? I believe when we were kids, all of us were good kids. "有一天我受邀製作一件新作品,在林茲大教堂中演出。我腦海浮現希特勒是在林茲出生的,以及他曾報考藝術大學失敗的故事。如果我們願意給予更多孩子機會,也許他能通過那個考試,是不是世界的結構和之後的悲傷故事將有不同的發展? 小的時後看Roberto Benigni的電影《La vita è bella》(1997),我淚流不止,那觸動了我,也許我能做點甚麼去回應這段影片敘事的歷史:在集中營的年幼孩子,父親利用遊戲的方式,慢慢的讓孩子似懂非懂的習慣父親的不在和消失。 長大後,我們勇敢了一點點,了解了世界更大的虛擬怪獸,卻也陷入活在真實的恐懼當中。如何用更純粹的純淨靈魂,去觀看這個世界的運作。我相信我們曾經都是一個好孩子,當我們還是一個小孩的時候。"