Traces, 2015

Hong Kong 2018
Nevin Aladag’s Traces is a 3-channel video work, which is also on view concurrently at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. On three separate projection surfaces, Aladag creates a large-scale sound-and-image portrait of the city of Stuttgart, the place she spent her childhood and adolescence. Here we encounter, for instance, an accordion that plays as it unfolds along the length of a lamppost, or a frame drum that rolls loudly through a park landscape. A flute trills as it sails off into the sky with a balloon; the chestnuts in a chestnut tree play a gong and a violin turns on a merry-go-round. Traces is fascinating especially in moments of the orchestrated interaction of only partially controllable sounds. Are sound and image coming together here to tell a tale? As surprisingly as a symphonic interplay seems to arise, it disintegrates just as quickly back into cacophony. The artist has neither designed a soundscape of pure noise, nor has she composed an interpretive piece about the city. Rather, Aladag has invented a remarkable hybrid. The most disparate urban situations become the players in an orchestra. Rocking horses in the pedestrian zone and the slopes of vineyards, downhills on the main street and a carousel in a playground constitute the ensemble that, under Aladag’s direction, performs an audio rendition of their city on the accordion, drum, flute and violin – and elicits wholly unexpected possibilities from each classical instrument. Nevin Aladag’s Traces是一部3頻道錄像作品,作品將在斯圖加特美術館展出。在三個獨立的投影表面上,阿拉達格創造了斯圖加特市的大規模聲像肖像,這是她度過童年和青春期的地方。在這裡,我們遇到了一個手風琴,它沿著燈柱的長度方向開始演奏,又或是一個通過公園景觀大聲滾動的框架鼓。一隻長笛隨著氣球飛向天空而顫動;板栗樹上的栗子鑼;小提琴旋轉著旋轉木馬。 痕跡是迷人的,特別是在可以與不完全可控的聲音互動時。聲音和圖像在這裡聚集在一起是在講述一個故事嗎?個體迅速瓦解,變得雜亂無章,但他們會聚在這裏,竟不可思議地交織出了了交響樂的感覺。藝術家既沒有設計出純粹的喧囂聲,也沒有寫出關於這個城市的解釋。相反,阿拉達格發明了一個令人耳目一新的混合體。遊走在城市裏的不同元素成為了管弦樂隊的演奏者。在步行區和葡萄園的斜坡上,主要街道上的下坡和操場上的旋轉木馬上,他們在阿拉達格的指導下構成了用手風琴、鼓、長笛和小提琴演奏的城市的音頻——每一件古典樂器的音色都有意想不到的可能性。