Hand-colored No.2, 2013 - 2015

Hong Kong 2018
Star Gallery
In 2013, Lei Lei and Thomas Sauvin collected numbers of black-and-white photos from Chinese flea markets and imagined that all of them belonged to one fictional Chinese person. Through rendering, collage, and a cyclical process of hand coloring, scanning, and printing, connections among the photos were created. They spent two years repeating this process. These 1168 hand-colored photos invoke the passage of time, injecting life into the imaginary protagonist as he ventures through time and space. 2013年,雷磊和蘇文選擇了一些來自中國歷史中的黑白老照片,並想像這些照片都來自於同一個虛擬的中國人。之後的兩年,通過對照片反复手工上色-掃描-打印-再上色的過程,他們用拼貼和描摹的方式將這些老照片聯繫起來,經過兩年的工作,重複上色後的1168張手工上色照片製造了時間流逝的效果,使得‍虛擬的主人公在流逝的時空中獲得生命。