Industrial Research Institute of Taiwan Governor-General's Office, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Liang Gallery
This 3D animation is based on two photographs taken in the chemistry laboratories of the Taiwan Governor-General’s Office, the predecessor of what we know of today as the Industrial Research Institute. The 3D animation illustrates the visual ranges of these old photographs through skillful camera movements, revealing the construction of the 3D animation as the perspectives change accordingly. A TV stand is also included in the animation – showing clips of a military factory from the Japanese colonial period and views of an expo in the 30s. These recordings present the technological displays at the time and the desire to seek modernity, along with underlying Imperialism associations. 這件作品是透過兩張1911年的老照片所繪製的3D動畫,照片拍攝地點是台灣總督府化學部的實驗室室內,此機構是工業研究所的前身。3D動畫描繪了老照片中的可視範圍,隨著動畫的運鏡,在透視轉變之後裸露出3D動畫背後的結構。動畫中崁入了一座電視架,電視中播放的是日治時期的軍工廠畫面,以及1930年代的博覽會畫面。這些畫面呈現了當時對於科技的展示,追求現代性的慾望與帝國主義背後的關聯。