El Amor de la Rosa Roja, 2012

Miami Beach 2018
Work on Paper
Lead, colored pencils and acrylic on paper
131.4 x 106.5 (cm)
51.7 x 41.9 (inch)
The collaborative works on paper by Ghada Amer and Reza Farkhondeh are the result of a profound and long-standing artistic exchange. Since 2001, when they first worked together in New York City on a series of drawings and prints, they have continued creating mixed media works under the acronym RFGA. Using varying techniques and materials, such as fabric, masking tape, and watercolors, the artists exchange works between their studios – the confident erotism of Amer’s work commingling with the shapes and beauty of nature of Farkhondeh, and vice versa. In this game of ping-pong, the compositions develop organically until both artists are satisfied with the result. In this way, they enrich each other’s visual vocabulary while probing the boundaries of different artistic media and genres. Signing these works together, they prove that making art transcends gender and expands notions of authorship.