Floorplan Desire Painting (Venezianinhios), 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Jute fibre netting, acrylic on wood
192.5 x 152.5 (cm)
75.8 x 60.0 (inch)
In this series of works, inspired by floor plans, David Renggli zooms into the structure of the canvas experimenting with the possibilities of superimposing motifs on various levels. Similar to his reverse glass paintings, the physical space between the canvas and the background is used in order to achieve visual effects. Renggli applies paint to the linen allowing the viewer to appreciate the structural porosity of the material while at the same time affording a view of the painted ground beneath unfolding visual domains between the loose, grid-like quadrants of the linen fabric and the panels behind them.