Surface - Space, 1960

Miami Beach 2018
Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Plaster-soaked cloth and metal mesh
44.0 x 65.0 (cm)
17.3 x 25.6 (inch)
The liberation of the painting from its traditional status would propel the artist along other roads, as we can observe in the works entitled "Space Within Space“ from 1960, by which time he had already settled in Paris. In this series, first and foremost, the closed, contoured space of the frame as the artist's field of intervention is transcended and the exodus of the painting into the free architectural space is inaugurated. One of the ways by which this is achieved, is the replacement of the canvas with net-like wire mesh, or even its complete abolition. Its opening toward the wall, fully or partially, sets up a dialectic between the painting surface, the frame and the architectural bearing surface. Through this new reality the traditional relationships of figure and background are replaced and the architectural parameter is incorporated into the conception of the painting itself. The traditional internal space of paintings thus cedes its position to real space.