Dining Car (Rot), 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Inkjet print on cotton paper
163.5 x 183.0 (厘米)
64.4 x 72.0 (吋)
"Dining Car (Rot)" belongs to a new series of photographs and textile paintings which draw on imagery of the Japan collection of a famous St. Gallen-based textile company. From the 1960s until recently, the company developed figurative imagery for its Japanese clients, which represented a “typically European haute bourgeoisie” taste for luxury — imagery serving a demand in showing a variety of embroidered scenes in styles ranging from Art Deco to Dior’s New Look. These and other works exemplifying the practice demonstrate Kaspar’s interest in cultural transfer processes of styles and fashions within a sphere or beyond it, tracing global trajectories. The mechanisms of fashion, its dazzling power of seduction, of creating a desire to be someone else, and the possibilities it offers to embody or simulate identities are one of the key frames of reference for Kaspar’s practice presented here. It often operates similar to fashion whose logic ranges between the market and an elusive irrationality.