Tela en el desierto (Fabric in the desert), 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Installation consisting of one color print (Ed. 1/6 + 1 AP) and one folded fabric with residues from femicide sites gathered in 2009 in Ciudad Juárez, México
66.0 x 100.0 (厘米)
26.0 x 39.4 (吋)
Teresa Margolles disrupts the safe distance between viewer and conflict by bringing into the exhibition space the remains of disappeared women in the form of fabrics dragged in the desert, in the precise spots where their lifeless bodies where abandoned according to the experts who recovered them. By saving the only remains obf these women forgotten by justice, the artist refuses to accept what appears to be the unchangeable, doomed fate of Juárez. By taking this fabric from the ground and elevating it to the sky, the artist creates both a fierce picture of resistance and a poetic image of a relentless landscape, punctuated by the nearby, folded cloth.