Guishan Sketch-Walnut Tree in Spring Wind, 2016

Hong Kong 2019
Soka Art
Acrylic on Canvas
150.0 x 150.0 (cm)
59.1 x 59.1 (inch)
In addition to taking a big step in the contemporary art of the 85th New Wave Art Movement, Mao Xuhui also actively reflects upon on the various social problems caused by the changes of the times, and at the same time re-converted the symbolic meaning of the imageries. However, rather than employing the popular symbols in contemporary art, the artist develops an artistic vocabulary which encapsulates his personal experiences and life philosophy with the greatest loyalty to his own heart, symbolizing the era as a reference for power and life. The artist’s most renown series from the past— the "chairs" and “scissors" are a strong representation of Mao’s smart insights of daily life: the social complex is reintroduced through the iconic image symbols, transforming into artist’s dissatisfaction with Chinese society and understandings on death and kinship. Mao Xuhui's chair is no longer just a tragic temperament to express his uneasiness about the underlying power relations in the contemporary society, but instead adds stronger sense of narrativity, romance and elegance to the eyes,