Come Full Circle, 2019

Hong Kong 2019
Soka Art
Oil on Canvas
150.0 x 200.0 (厘米)
59.1 x 78.7 (吋)
Zhang Yingnan was born in the 1980s in Beijing. His color and composition are less direct and passionate than other young artists. Zhang's work is filled with his philosophical reflections, and always possesses a indescribable sense of loneliness and serenity. Zhang Yingnan constructs various “spaces” in his paintings with the ambition to capture the psychological state of society: the alienation between people, the uneasiness of the future and the sympathy for the family, which drive our generations into the depth of helplessness. The world in his painting shows a strong sense of loss, whether it is an empty factory building, the high and low-rise skyscrapers, or a floor-to-ceiling window--it is always full of loneliness and sadness. The artist is like a director, and every scene accompanying him is a scene set which constantly emerges and vanishes, trying to calm the viewers and slowly guide them into his work.