The Wild Autumn, 2018

Hong Kong 2019
Soka Art
Oil on Canvas
60.0 x 70.0 (cm)
23.6 x 27.6 (inch)
Hong Ling has already marked his unique place in the history of Chinese art, that is, reviving the Chinese traditional culture and philosophy by borrowing Western concepts.In the early 1990s, Hong Ling set up the studio at the foot of Huang Mountain and began his years of life accompanied by mountains and rivers. With nature as his mentor, he discovered his unique way of appreciating the beauty of nature and thus transformed them into the landscape in his paintings. He managed to harmonize the rhyme and free spirit of Chinese traditional ink paintings since the Song Dynasty with the western styles. Hong Ling’s Shanshui is unique for he re-deconstructs the landscape imagery with perspective and employs both spray and texturing technique to demonstrate a variation of strengths, speeds and strokes on his canvas, reviving the ancient charm of Chinese Shanshui. Hong ling’s artistic achievements, in result, have laid a foundation for his invincibility in the history of contemporary art. Over his more 30 years of career, Hong Ling challenged himself everyday, he was invited to participate in the 1997 and 2011 Venice Biennale on behalf of Chinese artists; in 2015, he was the first to create Chinese art together with Soka. Two years of personal world tour, bringing works to a number of important academic academic institutions in the UK and Ireland. In 2017, Hong Ling's huge work "Four Seasons" was honored to be permanently collected by the National Grand Theatre of China.