Captcha-Captcha, 2018

Hong Kong 2019
Liang Gallery
The video installation CAPTCHA-CAPTCHA features the verification code used to distinguish computers from human beings. The video depicts a machine that is capable of human-like writing and expression, exploring the human mind and consciousness and that of artificial intelligence. Throughout, the narration and subtitles repeat the question and verification process. It becomes difficult to separate the actions of humans from AI. Is the human mind essential for creative thinking? The artist investigates human existence and contemporary life, the natural and the artificial, reality and virtual reality, as well as time, memory, and sensory experience. Title: 《反覆驗證》 Artist: 吳其育 藝術家運用區分用戶是電腦或是人的驗證碼機製作為創作的基點。錄像中模擬一台可以與人類相同進行書寫與表達的機器,並且與其寫出來的文字內容彼此對話,探討人類和人工智慧載具的心智與意識。錄像中的旁白與字幕不斷地在讀句與書寫來回質問、反覆驗證。讀句的聲音如何閱讀書寫出來的內容;兩者何為人工智慧?何為人類?人類是否存在心靈、自由意志?人類的選擇是否是人類自己的選擇?創造性思考需要透過人類心靈才能達到?以此,探究人類生存與當代生命樣貌之間、自然與人工、真實存在與虛擬網路、時間、記憶與感官等經驗的深思映照。