Piso del club "Lago Blanco" (Floor from the club "Lago Blanco"), 2016

Basel 2019
Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Installation Marble floor tiles of a dance floor from a demolished night club in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
205.0 x 345.0 (cm)
80.7 x 135.8 (inch)
Teresa Margolles deals with material fragments of buildings, transporting them across borders and reassembling them remotely in large format sculptures, as a call to read these traces as part of larger processes, events and social relations, such as migration, international drug trade, or human trafficking. A fragment of the dance floor from the night club "Lago Blanco" was extracted from the demolished site in Ciudad Juárez. The floor has been reassembled and installed directly on the wall, as large scale mosaic. This sculpture allows us to inhabit in a way the atmosphere of a partly dismantled town, as well as confronts us with the realities and difficulties that people in downtown Ciudad Juárez are going through.