Untitled, 2002

Basel 2019
Colored glass, aluminum, light fixture, light; 35 parts, 52 x 28 (diameter) cm each; overall dimensions variable
Sculpting with light is an ongoing source of inspiration for Jorge Pardo. Describing his work as ‘shaping space,’ Pardo has experimented for over 25 years with how light can transform a space and can itself be transformed. An artist who continually considers the surroundings in which art, architecture, and design are experienced and understood, Pardo has long created immersive environments that question the distinction between these categories. In this work, Untitled (2002), 35 suspended sculptures engender an atmospheric installation. The lights are constructed from three layers of handblown glass in warm hues, which are placed into geometric combinations of cylinders and cones. Each glass element contains delicate individuations of shape and tone. Hung at a range of heights, the sculptures form a floating, undulating roof of light and color that augments the surrounding environment.