foreverago, 2017

Basel 2019
Other Materials
Cotton, lurex, polyester, cashmere, silver, aluminum, lead
250.0 x 3900.0 (cm)
98.4 x 1535.4 (inch)
In foreverago (2017), Pae White expands on an elaborate process of translation and production she began in the 2000s, reinterpreting the genre of tapestry through digital weaving. Here, White deploys the visually rich, iridescent bodies of insects and organic shapes of hallucinogenic plants. Taken as raw study material, White explores the formal qualities of light, color, and texture through these insects and plants. Installed as a meandering, curved structure, foreverago creates a physical space that enables the viewer to become immersed in the weaving from all angles. Nearly 40 meters long and 2.5 meters high, foreverago is the largest tapestry White has produced to date. Made with threads of cotton and cashmere in vibrant colors, gold, and silver, the tapestry draws both from historical Japanese kimonos and Byzantine icons. The artist herself describes the piece as an attempt ‘to create an architecture with the help of a tapestry.’