Art Basel Cities Week

‘Hopscotch (Rayuela)’ Catalo

September 6 – 12, 2018

Mariela Scafati

Niebla, 2018

Museo de la Cárcova


Niebla, 2018
Paintings, dresses, and ropes
Dimensions variable

Mariela Scafati’s abstract paintings confound traditional expectations of the medium. They are often unframed, jutting out from the wall, or obstructed by hanging objects, such as clothing, furniture, or rope. Originally trained as a graphic designer, she is immersed in color theory and the history of Modernism, and constantly pushes the boundaries of these disciplines through her installations, which propose that a painting is not an image but a visual punctuation in space. For her site-specific installation in the Museo de la Cárcova, Scafati has created a suite of paintings and arranged them into 11 groupings that resemble human figures. The transformation of two-dimensional paintings into a three-dimensional and interactive experience is fitting for La Cárcova, given its long history of educating artists through replica sculptures spanning art history. Scafati herself studied here in 1997, when she moved from Bahía Blanca to Buenos Aires to participate in a painting workshop taught by Tulio de Sagastizábal and Pablo Suárez. Niebla brings her restless experimentation with color and form back to one of its places of origin.

Assistants: Daiana Rose, Lucía Reisig, Antonella Agesta, Patricio Lanusse, Sasha Minovich

Special thanks to Rubén Betveder, Patricia Moreira, Lorena Pradal, Nani Lamarque for their support, and to Museo de la Cárcova for hosting this ‘Hopscotch (Rayuela)’ work.

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  • Artist Talk  |  Sunday, September 9, Museo de la Cárcova, 3pm-3:45pm

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Born 1973 in Olivos, Argentina 
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mariela Scafati is a contemporary Argentine artist who experiments with geometric abstraction, modern design, performance, and alternative media. She is active with the movements Serigrafistas Queer and Cromoactivismo. She completed her studies in graphic design at the Escuela Superior des Artes Visuales in Bahía Blanca. In 1997 she took part in the painting workshops led by Tulio de Sagastizabal and Pablo Suarez at La Cárcova, and from 1997 to 2001 she participated in Guillermo Kuitca’s program for young artists. She has been a fellow at the Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas in Buenos Aires since 2010. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘¡Teléfono! En diálogo con Lidy Prati’ at the Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires (2009); ‘Windows’ at Abate Galería, Buenos Aires (2011); ‘Pinturas donde estoy 1998-2013’ at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires (2014); ‘Las cosas amantes; at Galería Isla Flotante, Buenos Aires (2015); and ‘Handcuff Secrets’ presented by Isla Flotante in Positions at Art Basel Miami (2017).

The artist is represented by Isla Flotante, Buenos Aires.